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Six Sweet International Economy Flight Redemptions

I write a fair bit about using FF miles to fly international First and Business Class. Certainly, it’s more comfortable to be in First or Business class and the flight itself can be a cool experience, but unlike some FF mile collectors, I don’t travel simply to find out which First Class cabins have the… More

Interview with Sebastian Marshall

For those of you who are unaware of what we do here, let me quickly fill you in. We have fun traveling to awesome destinations and helping others learn how to do so for a fraction of what they thought possible. Really, there’s no need to keep dreaming about intense ninja training in the secluded… More

Let the Fare Determine Your Destination

Most travelers have a list of countries they want to visit. I know I do. But did you know the order you visit these places can make a huge difference to your pocketbook? One of the strategies I recommend in my book is called: The World on Sale. It is a great strategy to use… More

Prepping for your overseas trip

So you’ve earned your miles, booked your award flights and hotels and are chomping at the bit to hop on that plane and find yourself in your dream destination.  Great! But before heading to the airport, here are a few things you may want to check off your list to make your trip run smoother.… More

Airline Lounges

The following is an excerpt from my book about a sweet airline perk, Airline Lounges:   “I’m reclining in a massage chair. I’ve been here for 30 minutes and I’ll be here for 30 more. I’m in my own little world. Relaxing. I’ve already enjoyed two rounds of dim sum and a cold beer. My… More

Talking Travel on Rock Star Radio Network

This is a public service announcement. Prepare your ears. Today’s the day I talk all things travel on Rock Star Radio Network, where else? For anyone who wants the answers to life’s most pressing questions, tune in today at 4pm PST/7pm EST and check out The Travel Chick Show with Bonnie Kitahata. You can log… More

3 Days in Tokyo-Part 3

I’m back from Japan and happy to say I had an amazing time, as per usual. My timing was such that I was able to go to Yoyogi Park and meet up with Tynan, Leo Babauta, Nick Gray, surprise guest, Sebastian Marshall, and a group of other like-minded folks, which included a number of Tokyoites and… More

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